BS Planet was founded in Gaggio Montano in the province of Bologna, the result of broad experience in the world of electronics and a strong passion for dogs and hunting passed down from generation to generation.

It is infact thanks to these two factors that through the years extraordinary ideas have been transformed into products that are unique in their sector with specifications and distinctive features to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of hunters.

These ideas, coupled with market necessities, are for the most part designed by our R & D department then produced and distributed directly by us.

BS Planet, while founded on innovation and technology, has always deeply respected the ancient hunting traditions and designs intuitive and easy to use devices whose sole aim is to help all hunters, even those less accustomed to the use of electronic devices.

But not only..

Infact our company policy is strongly customer service oriented and one of our company departments deals with pre and post sales service with dedicated phone lines and specialized technicians, who are themselves hunters, always available and ready to answer any questions.

BS Planet has even gone one step further for its customers: authorized dealers are supplied with an online assistance kit where any software difficulties on certain products can be resolved over the internet by calling the company and connecting for a few minutes, in this manner the customer can return home with the device ready for use without having to send it back to our headquarters and lose precious time especially during the hunting season.

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Always at your service!


Lo stabilimento della Bs Planet, sito a Gaggio Montano in provincia di Bologna